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The Enduroman Arch To Arc Triathlon!

This is one of the world’s ultimate endurance challenges, The goal is simple I will run from the Marble Arch in London to Dover, swim the English channel, and upon landing in France, cycle to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in the shortest possible time.

The actual miles I’ll be covering are staggering. This is a 289 mile triathlon starting with a 87 mile run from the Marble Arch to the Dover coast, swimming the English Channel (technically 22 miles but often much more) and then cycling 180 miles from Calais to Paris. It is no wonder that only fourpeople have done it as a solo event, but in September 2008 I will be attempting to become the fifth and the youngest.

To put this challenge into context, less people have succeeded in swimming the English Channel than have reached the summit of Mt. Everest. Only 1 in 10 who try, succeed. The swim represents only a fraction of what I am undertaking.

(At present the Guinness World Record for this challenge is 82 hours, held by Mr Eddie Ette founder of Enduroman)

My coach for this event is Steve Haywood ( is the last man to have completed this event I know that this will give me a massive advantage and who knows even and new world record!



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